Klinger Buzz Fuzz Deluxe

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Klinger Buzz Fuzz Deluxe


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The new Buzz Fuzz Deluxe in pedal board friendly format.

This fuzz can be heard on the classic recordings of King Crimson. Robert Fripp’s Fuzz of choice. This evil red machine can go everywhere from a classic late 60’s overdrive to full-out fuzzy madness. This pedal has loads of gain and will happily rip faces off the first four rows at any of your favorite gigs.


    • Three vintage gain/leakage selected germanium transistors.
    • Carbon Composite Resistors
    • Durable powder coated finish.
    • Highest quality components matching and construction.
    • Fast action DPDT true bypass foot switch.
    • Modern D.C power jack (Boss style isolated only)
    • Bright LED


Paul McCarthy

May 1, 2020at 1:24 pm

Is this based on a Burns Buzzaround?

    Shaun Klinger

    May 1, 2020at 1:44 pm

    Hi Paul,
    Yes it is mate. Hope your keeping well.
    All the best


May 3, 2020at 2:38 pm

How likely are you to build one of your 4 knob Buzz Fuzz pedals such as the one Brett Kingman demo’d some years back? How much would it cost?

Thank you.

    Shaun Klinger

    May 6, 2020at 1:35 pm

    Hi Brian,
    At this point in time I have no plans to reissue the 4 knob Buzz but I will be happy to modify a 3 knob version for you. If you let me know during time of purchase I can put the pre control on the side of the pedal for you at no extra charge. Hope this is good for you. All the best Shaun

Rick Anderson

April 25, 2021at 2:46 pm

Hey,Shaun I would like the pre control knob on the side added to morder please !


September 21, 2021at 12:09 am

Is there a difference in sound between the BUZZ FUZZ you made earlier and the BUZZ FUZZ currently available?

    Shaun Klinger

    September 21, 2021at 4:16 pm

    Hello, I’ve done a few versions of the Buzz fuzz now. If you’re referring to the original OC76 Buzz it was a little smoother in the top end but more unstable to temp changes. Still very close in sound overall. The difference between this version and the others is very small. The units can vary from batch to batch even using the same transistors. This is the balancing act of using Germanium transistors. I’m very happy with the transistor set I’ve been using in the Buzz Fuzz the last 6 – 8 years. Thank you for your interest and good luck on your fuzz quest.


March 20, 2023at 10:35 pm

I have one of the early wedge OC76 versions of this pedal and it is still my no. 1 fuzz after all these years. Thanks Shaun!

    Shaun Klinger

    March 21, 2023at 1:22 pm

    Thank you so much, I’m so happy you like it.
    All the best

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