Klinger 60’s sound MK3 in Grey Hammer (OUT OF STOCK)

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Klinger 60’s sound MK3 in Grey Hammer (OUT OF STOCK)


Out of stock


Creamy big Fuzz tones!!! The Klinger 60’s sound MK3 is a take on the classic 68 Bender fuzz.

Since the original Klinger Custom CromaZone pedal over 10 years ago the MK3 has been one of my favourite fuzz Distortion sounds. These classic fuzz sounds nail the in-between fuzz and distortion territory.

These pedals can find Fuzz face like sounds all the way to the best sounding Big Muff tones. The tone control allows for the player to get sharper fuzz sounds for a cool bee like sustained fuzz tone.

MK3’s with original PCB layout with the backwards controls.

Handmade using all premium components and loaded with Newmarket CV5457 (Military Grade OC70) and AC128 transistors.



    • Three vintage gain/leakage selected germanium transistors.
    • Original MK3 Vintage style board construction
    • Full Omeg pots
    • NOS phillips Capacitors (Tested)
    • UK Cliff Jacks
    • Carling Switch
    • Powder coated finish.
    • Highest quality components matching and construction.
    • Fast action DPDT true bypass foot switch.


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