Klinger MK2 (OUT OF STOCK)

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Klinger MK2 (OUT OF STOCK)


Out of stock

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The Klinger MK2 is my recreation of the classic Tonebender MK2 from 67.
This 3 transistor circuit is seen as the classic Bender sound found on many records and stages throughout the 60’s and 70’s.
With its distinctive fuzz tone and loads of sustain my version captures the mojo of the originals in a smaller pedal board friendly box.

It’s simple layout with the extra mode switch allows for easy and effective control over fuzz tones. The hi and low gain (MK2 – MK1.5) switch adds extra full germanium fuzz tone options.
I use the same circuit found in the original to stay true to the tones and vibe of the old units. Extra care has been taken to match and tune each unit for the ultimate bender MK2 experience.

This pedal uses a positively grounded case and it needs to be run from an isolated power supply, or battery. Not suitable for a daisy-chain power supply.


Three vintage gain/leakage selected germanium transistors.
Carbon Composite Resistors
Durable powder coated finish.
Highest quality components matching and construction.
Fast action 3DPDT true bypass foot switch.
Modern D.C power jack (Boss style isolated only) LED



March 23, 2022at 5:43 pm

Hello Shaun from the Rocky Mountains.

Do you still have plans to produce this mk2? I have always wanted a good mk2.

I look forward to playing one some day.

Thank you


    Shaun Klinger

    March 24, 2022at 1:47 pm

    Hi Clay,
    Yes it is all ready to go. I will have them available within the next couple of days, I’ve just been getting a little bit of audio and demo material together for the builds as well.
    Thank you for your interest.
    All the best

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