Klinger Supa Fuzz

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Klinger Supa Fuzz


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The Tonebender MKII was the go to Fuzz pedal for many guitar players of the late 60’s. It’s rich sound and amazing amount of sustain was a step up from the mk1.5 and Fuzz Face circuits. The Supa Fuzz is my take on the Marshall MKII variant of the ToneBender Mk 2. It has the standard Volume and Filter controls with an added Character knob that can take you from gated splatter to smooth. The Klinger Custom Pedals Supa Fuzz has a beautiful mid range presence, its clear and helps with clean up so your tone stays where it should….in the signal! The 3 Germanium NOS transistors have been gain and leakage selected so you get the most out of the controls. The construction of the Supa Fuzz is made using turret board, this technique is how it was done in the old days with vintage effects and amplifiers and is believed to be one of the reasons the vintage equipment sounded so good. I use Carbon Composite resistors like all my Germanium Fuzzes i believe they keep the signal rich and as close the originals as possible.
It cleans up, it Fuzzes out! Capture your Fav fuzz sounds of Jeff Beck on the Truth record in 1968 to Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin in the 60’s.
This pedal has the modern D.C jack for standard Boss style power (isolated ONLY) and LED.
  • Three vintage gain/leakage selected germanium transistors.
  • Vintage style Turret board construction
  • Carbon Composite Resistors
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Highest quality components matching and construction.
  • Fast action DPDT true bypass foot switch.
  • Modern D.C power jack (Boss style isolated only)
  • LED

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