Klinger MK1 (allow 2 weeks to ship)

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Klinger MK1 (allow 2 weeks to ship)


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Based on the classic fuzz design. As used by Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton in the mid-60’s and later made famous by Mick Ronson – guitarist for David Bowie. This pedal gives you plenty of sustain, and splat and crazy fuzz character to impress even the hardest of fuzz critics.

Simple controls for Volume and Attack (Fuzz) plus a gate switch to go from classic gated fuzz to a more open sound for clean up control with guitars volume knob. 


    • Three vintage gain/leakage selected germanium transistors.
    • Vintage style Turret board construction
    • Carbon Composite Resistors
    • Durable powder coated finish.
    • Highest quality components matching and construction.
    • Fast action DPDT true bypass foot switch.
    • Modern D.C power jack (Boss style isolated only)
    • LED


Larry Ramey

August 12, 2019at 8:06 pm

Interested in your MK1. Have to ship to the states. I’d also like it to be purple

Martin Daniel

August 13, 2019at 8:15 pm

Please add me the the late September MK1 build list! I WILL definitely purchase!


October 8, 2019at 4:46 pm

Hello, does this model have the switch on top? The bottom pic doesn’t show the switch. I’m getting it for my boyfriend (very first time he’s asked for something), and he wants the one with the switch, so I don’t want to mess it up. He’s “fan-girling” over this one! Thanks!

    Shaun Klinger

    October 8, 2019at 6:07 pm

    Hi Luna, Yes the Mk1 has a switch for the gate on top of the pedal. Thanks heaps for your interest in the pedals. All the best

Damon Eagle

October 21, 2019at 4:55 am

Hi Shaun,
Just wanted to say how much I love the MK1 I recently received from you! Great sound and function. Thanks!

    Shaun Klinger

    October 21, 2019at 7:43 am

    Thank you so much for your support. So happy your enjoying the Mk1

Tony Evans

November 4, 2019at 3:02 pm

Hi Shaun, just got mine today. It’s awesome, sure cleans up nice…. but seeing as I’m not into nice or clean, it sings pushing a cranked BF style… and is comically just about dangerous running into an acTV4. Can’t imagine this ever leaving the chain to be honest. 3 thumbs up!!

    Shaun Klinger

    November 4, 2019at 3:05 pm

    This means a lot to me Tony. Thank you so much

Brian Samuelson

May 14, 2020at 9:04 am

Hello Shaun. I love what I’ve seen on the Mk-1 pedal! I’m interested. What does it cost for shipping to the US? Are there color options? If not gold is cool. I assume the price is $ 289 Aus?
Let me know your thoughts & potential timeline?
Thanks Brian

    Shaun Klinger

    May 14, 2020at 10:22 am

    Hi Brian,
    First off, thank you so much for your interest in the MK1. All prices are in Australian dollars. Shipping worldwide is $30 AUD and that comes with tracking. The service normally takes 7-10 business days but due to the virus there has been delays so allowed and extra 3-5 days.
    At this time i only have gold in stock and i can ship within a few days of order.
    I hope this helps.
    All the best


May 30, 2020at 11:43 pm

Are these going to be available again? Keen for a mk1. Build quality in the pics looks fantastic.

    Shaun Klinger

    June 1, 2020at 9:06 am

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your interest. Yes i will and more available in the next couple of weeks.
    All the best


      June 3, 2020at 7:10 am

      “Hi Tim,
      Thanks for your interest. Yes i will and more available in the next couple of weeks.
      All the best”

      Oh, that’s great news! I’ll keep an eye on this page. Your Supa Fuzz, on the way, will be my first intro to playing through a TB circuit. I wonder if the mk1 also benefits from a bias knob? I’ve read they still respond interestingly when rolling off the volume, but that it’s dependent on the builder’s interpretation to whether a mk1 cleans up much or at all? Anyway, I look forward to giving one a go. Cheers.

        Shaun Klinger

        June 3, 2020at 8:27 am

        Hi Tim,
        I think you’ll enjoy the Supa, its a bit thicker and has a midrange honk thats very cool.
        It’s not as high gain as the MK1. The MK1 doesn’t need a bias, the original circuit was made to have a gated sound. This nails the broken effect that fuzz was originally designed to replicate. My MK1 also has the switch which at lower Attack settings will give you lower noise, a nice decay and more tones via your guitar volume knob.
        I’ll have some back in stock very soon.
        All the best


          June 19, 2020at 4:57 pm

          Hi Shaun,

          Are you ever going to build more of the Supa Fuzz again? I see the product page is removed and I was hoping to grab that last one you had in stock but didn’t scrape together the cash before it was bought by someone else. Also, is the Buzz Fuzz coming back?

          Thank you,


          Shaun Klinger

          June 20, 2020at 11:58 pm

          Hi Brian,
          There will be a bit of stock going up in July. Mk1, Supa Fuzz and Buzz Fuzz on the list.
          Thank for your interest mate

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