Heavy Psych Silicon Fuzz unit

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Heavy Psych Silicon Fuzz unit


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The Heavy Psych is my tribute to the Mosrite Fuzz tone of the late 60’s. This unit can be heard on classic Iron Butterfly tracks of that era. It’s an amazing fuzz sound that can cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter. This version I have used NOS tin can transistors that are low noise and work very well in this design.

If your after a fuzz that works well with a driven amp or you want to stack with your favourite overdrive this is a great pedal.

Roll back your volume for different fuzz textures or just use the depth knob to go from cool full to crazy fuzz – buzz tones. This pedal has it covered in a simple layout.

Loaded with carbon Composite resistors and high quality teflon wire.

Switchcraft jacks and high quality footswitch for long life and trouble free use

Gain selected NOS tin can transistors




August 4, 2020at 8:15 pm

Hi Shaun,
I am interested in your Heavy Psych Silicon Fuzz. I own a mid 60’s Japanese Mosrite, that I love and think this would be a good addition to the collection. I’m also Looking for a fuzz that is different to what I already have. I have a Big Muff (Tyms Rams Head big mud), Mk III Tone Bender (lovepedal) Mk II tonebender (British pedal Company). I like stacking pedals especially my Overdrives or Dazatronyx germanium amplifier with my fuzz pedals. Do you think this would work? Cheers Ash

    Shaun Klinger

    August 5, 2020at 12:19 pm

    Hi Ash,
    Thanks for writing to me. Sound like you have a great collection of pedals. The Heavy Psych is definitely made for use with others pedals and driven amps it adds a tonne of attitude to your tone. Looking at the pedals you have in you collection i’d say the old Japanese pedal is very similar. If you want something little different then all the one you have i’d go for a MK1. There price is a little higher but i think you’ll be happy with the tone variation it will give you. You can also check out the Omnidrive and Fuzzdrive for the same boost fuzz – fuzz drive concept. The boost in the omnidrive and Fuzz in the Fuzz Drive are very versatile.
    All the best

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