Classic 60’s Fuzz

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Classic 60’s Fuzz


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The Classic 60’s fuzz sound as heard on the early albums from The Jimi Hendrix experience and The Doors.

What? Yeah you heard me….

The early Dallas Fuzz and the Vox Tonebender (MK 1.5) in one box.

I’ve worked on both these early fuzz boxes and love them, so with this build my goal was to balance both those fuzz sounds into one box. With the simple Volume and Fuzz controls a Dallas to Vox switch was added. This allows the user to switch in between the higher gain thick Dallas sound to the grittier thinner Vox tone. I wanted to capture the fire breathing magic heard on some of my favourite albums of the mid late 60’s.┬áIt was a bit of fun.

I’ve loaded the pedal with hand selected Germanium transistors which includes a Mullard OC76 found in some samples of the early Vox 1.5 bender. Carbon comp resistors, Tropical fish capacitors, high quality switching and switchcraft jacks makes sure your guitar signal gets the best.

Handmade in Melbourne Australia

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Paul McCarthy

June 27, 2020at 10:00 am

Hi Shaun,

Is this a one-off or will they become a standard build?
I’d love a 1.5.


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