71 Overdriver

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71 Overdriver


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The Klinger Pedals 71 Overdriver , boost, Drive and Fuzz sounds in one compact unit.

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The Klinger Pedals 71 Overdriver is my take on the amazing boost – drive from the early 70’s. It has an added clip switch which gives the pedal a little more compression at higher drive and fuzz settings.

At the heart of the Overdriver is 3 Tin can NOS BC 108 silicon transistors tuned to give the best sound possible.

The pedal has been made by hand in Melbourne Australia with the finest parts available. Teflon wiring, Alpha pots, switchcraft jacks, and high quality true bypass footswitch.


Aaron Goldberg

July 16, 2018at 4:32 pm

Are you making the 71 Overdriver again any time soon?


March 16, 2019at 6:25 pm

Hi Shaun I’m interested in a Power Boost / Overdriver pedal. When are you likely to have the 71 Overdriver in stock again?

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